How can we speak so easy?
How can we have these brainless conversations?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Does our past haunt you when you see my name?
Do memories stop to fade?
Old wounds are opening again
Was the pain so easy to forget?
Were we so easy to forget?
You barely cross my mind anymore
If I'm on yours, am I accompanied by remorse?
Are you plagued by what we used to be?
Dysfunctional, irrelevant, but still so beautiful
We've moved onto something better
That doesn't mean that I can forget her

I can't help but wonder
What does she regret? What does she miss?
Does she remember the magic in our kiss?
Am I the antagonist? Was I wrong or wronged in all of this?
I don't want her back, we don't need a sequel
The last chapter was rough
With the epilogue begun but left untouched.