Ode to the Outcasts

The unwanted,
The unwilling,
The unloved,
Rest here.

The broken,
The shattered,
The lovesick,
Draw near.

The soft spoken,
The humiliated,
The shy,
It is your cross to bear.

For in your troubled,
Pathetic heartache
The world will
Refuse to share.

The troubled,
The pathetic,
The losers,
All leer.

But I,
As a stranger,
Unknown to you,
Induce fear?

I would hold you,
Comfort you,
As your friends
Would not.

But you say
You don't know
And your confidence
Is shot.

The penniless,
The thoughtless,
The shallow
Are shunned.

But one day
We'll see
The world itself is
Ruled by the "uns".