A Picture of Summer.

Here's a picture for you, it's a
Picture of the Summer. Sorry, darling,
That I couldn't capture every
Summer wonder, so in that case
Here's this poem I'm writing just for
You because I care. Here's this picture of
The Summer, I'll lay it out just like a map.

You wake up to golden sunlight,
Go outside to sneak a peek at
What the air's like, how the Summer sets
Her shoulders, holds her head high and sings
For you, a sound of birds and cicadas fighting.

The air is warm and the sun runs down
Your body, like an egg cracked over your head and
Slowly dripping, dripping to the shimmering
Asphalt under your sandals, hot like an oven
And cool like a new car.

Someone's cooking a feast for many, the smoke
Of their grill perfumes the whole neighborhood.
Everyone wants some, that smell is so juicy
And perfectly seasoned with Summer's best intentions.

The breeze is so subtle that you can't really feel it,
But the trees swaying lazily proves that it's real.
You want to embrace it, instead you just lay there
And let the sun bathe you, paint you bright gold.

The Summer won't hurt you, she loves you,
She loves you. She wants you to love her
More than I do, so I gave you this picture;
A picture of Summer, so you never forget her.
Please, always keep her.