Back and Forth

What is this?
I don't understand
None of this could be according to plan
For my heart to ache
It feels as if it might break
How can this be?

I have you here
But you're no where near
I cannot voice my tears
It'd be selfish to let you know
Selfish to let it show

To much feels at stake
So much to do
More than you need to handle
I can't make it more difficult
I can't let myself complain

I'll stay quiet
Hold my peace
No matter how it feels when I try to sleep
Let it drive me insane
As long as you know not of my pain

I just want it to end
To make the pain cease
Let my soul find its peace
How can that happen?
How could it be true?

The one person who could help me is you

But it feels impossible
Like it could never be true
I can't remember how long
Since I last laid my eyes on you

To hear your voice
Hold your hand
Lay my head on your chest

These words I say
You can never hear
They'd cause you sorrow
Make it worse
I'd rather pretend it's all perfect

I can live with the pain
I can last until its time
Always with you on my mind
Waiting and eventually I'll see
You will be standing right beside me...