Please Take My Gun

I tell them all that Vietnam is a blur, a memory
I have it all suppressed and hidden for no one to see
But it still lurks inside of me, a monster that unexpectedly attacks
Bringing back the horror that civilian life so royally lacks

My dead brother’s trenchfoot, my whole troop dismembered, my best friend’s hollow eyes
Explosions and bullets and fire and chaos raging in the mind of a man broken inside
Charlies dressed as workingmen, their hidden guns loaded with munition of terror
It’s all that I see when I look in the mirror

Wet boots on the floor, get them out of here
He didn’t want us to worry, thought it wasn’t what we wanted to hear
A short walk in the woods, that’s all that it was
A short life barely lived, that’s all that his was

Please let me stay home, don’t make me go
They’d shoot if our troop decided to show
He’s gone, I’m gone, I can’t go on
I’m staying here, please take my gun

I tell them all I’m just fine, just leave me be
I’ve never been a good liar, they see right through me
I’m not insane, I promise, I swear
All that I carry is my cross and it is my cross alone to bear

I sat between the trees, they refused but after my pleading, they took my gun
I cried, sobbed, detached myself, lied down and stared at the sun
It’s a wonder I didn’t go blind, it’s a wonder he took my weapon
It’s a wonder I’m sane, it’s a wonder you haven’t stepped in

Molten hearts and frozen minds are breaking under stress
Spiderweb lines are quickly multiplying in a sick sort of mitosis
I hear them all dying, I hear them silence one by one
I’m not sure if I like that they took my gun

You hear me screaming, we’re alone in our bed
You wish you could ask me but you know it’ll never be said
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, apologies every day
I know you wish they hadn’t gone off without me but I know it’s something you’ll never say

They’re gone, he’s gone, I’m gone, and right now, so are you
You went without me, like I always ask you to
I’ve finally made it, I’m right here back at home
I’ve finally cracked, please take my gun