Finishing Last

It seems I have this problem.
I seem to care more,
then what I'd care for.
You see, I wish that,
I had a heart of stone.
Instead of flesh and bone.
Why can't I complain?
I wanna cry, rant, and rave.
I wanna scream, yell, and crave
I could say I'm nice.
That probably isn't the case
I find it all a waste
I try to take care of,
Him and you,
Her and them too.
I'm hoping they'll stay.
Though they all leave
And it'll just be me.
I may give away too much.
You could say I give my all,
They would watch me fall.
Tell me all your problems.
I have none to share.
Not that you care.
Just tell me what you need.
I'll give that and this,
Anything I missed?
I'll give it all away.
Get little to nothing in return
Will I ever learn?
If only it were easy
To just throw away the past
Cause nice guys finish last.