It's not a fog, a mist, or even a haze.
It's a creature,
It stalks your mind.
And make you feel
Like none of it matters.
It point out your faults.
And you listen.
And because you believe it.
You start thinking.
At first it starts out small.
And you ignore it.
Then the creature grows.
And he refuses to be pushed.
At the sidelines no longer.
He is now controlling the game.
You have your moods.
And they appear more often.
Then you do things.
Things you know are wrong.
But feel the need to tdo them.
And it may get even worse.
It strangles your mind tighter.
And tighter, and tighter still.
Into a pit of despair.
With no escape from him.
You look for a way out.
By the knife in the kitchen.
The rope in the shed.
The water in the lake.
The cliff down the street.
The gun in the closet.
The pills in the bathroom.
And when you get to this stage.
There's no turning back.
Cause once you escape.
You're dead.