Baby boy , please don't cry.
This world will never be perfect, no matter how hard we try,
to make it beautiful or to make it good.
We've tried to change it, but we never could.
I know this world can be cruel and mean.
You should know this from what you've seen.

Baby boy, please don't shed a tear.
I know your heart is filled with hatred and fear.
The hatred is from the ones who've hurt you,
the fear is from not knowing what to do.
You won't admit it, but I can see it in your eyes.
You're sick of the pain and lies.
You want to leave this world, you want to end it all.
But please stay, please hold on, just stand tall.

Baby boy, please don't weep.
Your sanity, you must keep.
Please hang on to the thread clinging you to this life,
I know the pain is like the edge of a knife.
But the knife will dull, and the pain will go away.
I promise the pain will leave.