Person that I Used to Know

Why do you have so many standards for me?
I try to achieve them, but they're so hard to reach.
Sometimes you treat me like I'm a toy
It's hard for me that you're so difficult to avoid.
And I really like you, you're my best friend.
I would be sad if that had to come to an end.
But I'm sorry, I don't know how much I can take.
You're always putting me down, saying my parents made a mistake.
I'm a freak, I'm a loser. Why do I exist?
And when I think that you're done, you go on and persist.
The first couple times I was unhurt and okay,
But after thousands more it's a struggle every day.
I make up excuses, you don't really mean it.
Maybe that would help if I could actually believe it.
Stop hurting me, and making me cry.
Sometime your words make me want to die.
I wish we could laugh and leave this all behind,
But you've already gone too far screwing with my mind.
If I was strong I would let you go,
Because you're not the same person I used to know.