The Contradicting Balance

If you don’t listen,
You will never learn.

If you don’t learn,
No one will ever listen.

If you don’t forgive,
You will never forget.

If you can’t forget,
You will never forgive.

If you can’t take interest,
You won’t understand.

If you don’t understand,
There is no possibility of taking an interest.

If others opinions mean nothing to you,
Then you are simply denying yourself variety.

If opinions mean everything,
You will live by others judgments.

If morals are everything,
You cloud out logic.

If logic is everything,
Then morals are simply inhibitors.

If pleasing others is what you stand for,
You yourself will never be pleased.

If pleasing yourself is what you live by,
You will crush others in the process.

Where is the balance?
Is there one?
Or is such a balance,
What one would describe as perfection?

If you can’t learn… you will relive the lesson…
Yet that is often referred to as a second chance…