Where Can I Find Me?

What happened to the life?
The depths of my desire?
What happened to the life?
What happened to the fire?
Where did all my memories go?
When did I forget?
The happiness and mellow light
That swelled inside my hollow chest?
When did I start hurting?
And aching for the past?
When did I start stretching the moments
In hopes my happiness might last?
Where did all my energy go
When I'm not around my friends?
When did I start wishing
For my life to end?
When did cold fill up my heart?
When did my tunnels collapse?
When did I stop thinking
Definitely, instead of perhaps?
When did simple words
Turn into arrows for my heart?
When did I die inside?
When did I start falling apart?
When did my shiny armor
Disintegrate to dust?
What did everybody do
To use up all my trust?
Why do I feel as if
The world is a pit of black?
Why am I consumed
By the will I lack?
When did I become a tool
For my friends to use?
When did I start beating myself
With the mental abuse?
When did my strong and grounded soul
Proceed to fly away?
Why do I seem to lose myself
Even further every day?
Why am I a stifled seed
When I used to be a tree?
Please tell me where
Oh where, oh where,
Oh where can I find me?