The pain you bring,
The hurt you caused.
Your screaming makes my ears ring.
I wish I could put my life on pause
And rearrange the picture.
You are bringing me down
With your gray depicture
I think I might drown
In your anger.
I am always alert
Because of your sick hunger
To see others hurt.
You smother me with the pain
You do not hesitate to inflict.
You treat it like a game.
You are an addict
To others distress.
My feelings unwind
And you try to oppress
Them and make me think with your mind.
You are a disgusting creature.
You want to learn how to torment others
And violence is your teacher.
Everything you do digs into me like daggers.
Will you ever learn
That what you do is agonizing?
Everyday I yearn
For this anguish to keep from rising.
But as long as you are here
I’ll never feel right.
I feel like a deer
Standing in headlights.
Just go away
Before you cause more suffering.
The world is now in shades of gray.
And this great burden of pain I’m bearing
Is because of you.
I want you to leave.
You have turned my world from yellow to gray and blue.
You’re the one who caused me all this grief.