Our family is broken;
The screaming never stops.
Every word that’s spoken
Just brings another teardrop.
Even when I try,
It doesn’t seem to work.
Even when I cry,
This hurtful feeling lurks.
The pain never goes away,
And of hurtful times
These memories will always stay.
These useless rhymes
Try to let out the misery.
These useless words
Don’t seem to help me.
I feel like I’m running backwards
Only to fall,
And it’s so hard to get back up again.
This rock hard wall
Is my tiny pen.
No one can enter;
My feelings are protected.
My ears are bleeding from this useless clamor.
My hatred for you is erected.
You are my broken family.
The words you speak are spoken vainly.
Everything you do is done coldly,
While given the charade of everything done sweetly.
You must be part of us to know
It is all an act.
As these hateful feelings grow
How will we stay in tact?