Maybe I’m the only one who sees the fission
The division
But the whole thing’s broken
Cut right open
Illusion of one
But we’re coming undone
Every word spoken
Is a heart further broken
All of the lies
Are seen through knowing eyes
They are ignored
Though secretly abhorred
Tints of mistrust color the air
If I fall no one will be there
Slip and fall
Get on my knees and crawl
Ignore the pains
Running through my veins
Don’t give up the fight
To see that light
That tiny hope
At the end of the rope
The one that binds me
To every difficulty
There’s still this faith
Unperturbed by that evil wraith
That wraith called fear
Whispers in my ear
Words of sorrow
Telling me there will be no tomorrow
But I don’t believe
The heedful warnings I receive
The only ones who can tear my world apart
Are the ones who have access to my heart
But I let no one in
I’ll be ripped to pieces if anyone gets under my skin
I have this dread
Of ending up dead
Because of other’s mistakes
Ending up with my own throbbing aches
But shut everyone out
And maybe I’ll survive the doubt
Maybe I’ll last a little longer
Leaving me weak but a bit stronger
Than I was before
I faced this horror
My innocence departed
My bliss outsmarted
Leaving my eyes free
And open to see
Our world’s division
And the rules unbidden
No one understands
That we are all sands
In a greater scheme
Of a huge dream
That we are all imagined
And that none of this happened
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this a couple of years ago, so it's kind of bad.