My mind is deceived
By every thought
Each compliment received
Is another lie bought
Every mistake
Rings through my soul
I’m starting to break
It’s taking its tool
Death stands near
Waiting to attack
Drawing off my fear
Of not being able to fight back
Of not being able to see
Because it’s too dark
Of not breaking free
From each little remark
Waiting to kill
He sits in the corner
Sucking my will
Of wanting to live longer
So my body steps in
And tries to survive
Instincts begin
To keep me alive
But it’s not me fighting
Just my cover
The fire inside me lighting
As my instincts still hover
I try to connect them
And make them as one
But you can’t save a gem
That’s already done
Body and mind divided but you can’t keep them apart
After all there is a nerve cord that connects the brain to the heart.
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this a while ago, so sorry if it's bad.