Where is my mind?
Where are my thoughts?
Where are the lies
That hold me together?
What can I see
Through imaginary eyes?
What can I hope
When I know it’s not true?
What are the voices
Whispering in my ear?
Why can’t they tell me
About my illusion?
Why do they penetrate
My mind with disease?
What is the world
Other than a dream?
When fantasies are not enough
To sew me together
Where can I go?
What does the information overload
Do to my brain?
Other than fill it with useless mold?
Why is the mold
Said to be helpful
When really it is manipulative?
Why are we all different
Yet brainwashed to think the same?
Why can’t we break free
From the things they tell us?
Where do our own thoughts go
When they’ve weeded them out?
Why does only the new generation
Hold the hope?
Why are they the only ones who don’t have the disease?
Can the ones who are infected
Drink the cure
And become themselves again?
Or will they stay victim
To the virus forever?
Can only the young ones
Know themselves?
Will they also
Lose themselves over time
To the clutches of society;
The pressure of fitting in?
Why does that pressure
Suck out the life
Of millions each day?
When will the world break free
From living in other’s skin?
When will we stop putting on shells
When we realize
Protection is needed?
When will people realize
That for protection
We can just stop fighting
And no armor will be necessary?
When will the world
Unite as one?
No battle cries.
No starving or hunger.
No one better than the other.
Or is that even possible?
I hope it is,
Because I want to lead
The revolution
For breaking free
For staying true
To yourself.
And never giving in
To that disgusting cancer.
It can’t kill you
If you don’t let it,
So don’t let it.
There are others out there
That feel the same way,
And together we create
An army
Without any weapons,
But we can still fight.
We don’t need our hands,
Our feet,
Or our guns.
The only thing we need
Are our mouths and our tongues,
And to keep being ourselves
No matter the pressure.
People want to spray us
With their hoses
Well let them.
You are still you,
But they aren’t themselves.
They were taken by that dark force.
In a way
The whole world is a zombie,
And we are the ones
That haven’t been bitten.
And I won’t let them bite me
With their mouths
So I can gain
A mind that can’t
Think for itself.
I won’t be a zombie;
I won’t be a clone.
Whoever’s with me
Stand up so we can weed them out;
We can conquer
Without ever having to fight.
As long as we don’t give in
To them
We’ll be forever ourselves
And consequently happy.
While at times
It may seem miserable
We have gained
Something they never can
We have gained
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry if it's a little hard to follow.