She feels a teardrop on her cheek
But it's not hers
She looks up at her love
And his eyes are red

"Baby why are you crying now?
Don't you know today's our day?"
But she's numb
And her pain has gone

He can't help screaming
As he sits with her alone
He can't help begging
For all the blood to stop

It seems no one hears him
Though the world is talking
Nobody understands
Why he can't keep himself together

"Baby I'm here, I'm here,"
A desperate plea
But she's nowhere
And he's everywhere

He feels a hand
Grasp his shoulder
"Hey honey,"
It doesn't sound right

But nothing's right anymore
And his life
It's not his anymore
It's hers

With her soul
Two lives had left
One body

Now here he stands
Wife and children
Alive and well
He feels a teardrop on his cheek
But it's not his.