James Reimer

Whether he has a season like this one or last,
No matter how poorly he’s done in the past,
If he’s up or down or inconsistent,
Even if that Cup dream feels so distant,
If he’s the guy we depend on to be first,
Or when the starter and back-ups are reversed,
If he’s always a Leaf or gets traded around,
If to his original form he never rebounds,
No matter how poor his goals against average is,
If that back-up cap is infinitely his,
If he ever goes and gets sent back down,
When the city’s faith in him gets run-down,
If he’s never again that goalie we know he once was,
I will always support him, well just because,
I stood by him at his worst, cheered him on at his best,
Amongst goalies as a rookie, he stood out from the rest,
Those saves he could make, the shots he could block,
As the seconds ticked by on the game clock,
He kept the team in the game, tried to keep them in the race
It wasn’t his fault he couldn’t save face,
But this season, his supporters, they dropped quickly,
And the TML fans became rather sickly,
But through all this time, I never lost hope,
I knew he’d bounce back, I tried not to mope,
After January passed, I felt rather weary,
And after February, the whole city was dreary,
After March ended with his concussion pains,
I felt sadness in my heart, my head, my veins,
I prayed and prayed for this season to end,
Because I know over the summer he’ll try to mend,
The cracks in his game, the drop in his skill,
Reclaiming number one, I know he will
Because I believe, I’ll never give up,
So during this off-season, let’s wish him some luck,
I know he’ll be the one we need,
The one who’ll help us claim that playoff seed,
Maybe next season, maybe not,
But as a fanbase, we all know he fought,
He tried his best and though it wasn’t enough,
This season’s been hard, undeniably rough,
But he’ll improve, I can promise you that,
He’ll bring up that not-so-great stat,
Just have some patience, give him some time,
Have some faith in Optimus Reim,
Because James Reimer is a hero to me,
And next season I swear, you’ll all see,
That Reimer’s the goalie we’re all yearning for,
Give him a break from this media war,
Because if we rush him, everyone will see,
That that franchise goaltender I know he can be,
Has slipped right between our very own fingers,
While memories of him in Leafs Nation will linger,
While he finds success on a much different team,
And seeing him lift the Cup is no longer a dream,
But for now I’m getting ahead of myself,
So for this off-season, let him to sit on the shelf,
Where his head will recover and so will his game,
To the point where he’ll erase that blue and white shame,
So good luck in October, wherever he may be,
Whether he’s somewhere else, with the Leafs or Marlies,
No matter where he is, he’ll give one hundred percent,
Let’s pray that this summer will be well spent,
On hard work and training, bouncing back,
Because he’ll always be my favourite, and THAT is a fact.