Have you seen my lollipop it's all red and bright
I do believe I’ve gone insane because I’m been up all night

All these thoughts are all too nice
Soon they will turn into a vice

Lollipops will be a knife but still all red and bright
All the blood flowing down will surely be a fright.

People will be screaming all around
The fear inside them I have found

I will feed on their hate and fear
I won't even shed a tear

They will try to bring me to my knees
Soon their yelling will turn into pleas.

They see sadness and hate looking at me
But they don't understand what I see

The world is not the same in my eyes
What I see is love, but they see despise.

What I see is hope.
But they see demise.

What I see is truth.
But they see lies.

What I see is beauty
But they see a disguise.

They don't see us for what we are.
They see us for what we're not.

We're not like them
For this they'll have us damned

They think they can make us all be same
But we'll never be LIKE THEM!

Don't expect us to be fake
We are real and we ache

We don't hide what's INSIDE!
The feeling that they HIDE!

They want us to PRETEND!

What we see is NOT the same
For this they think we are INSANE!?!

They would let a person DIE!
Even when they hear them CRY!

They would ignore the pain of another
They won't even BOTHER!

Bother to see what makes her cry
What makes her want to DIE!

We are not like them!
We will never pretend!

NEVER! Will we ignore the cries of sorrow!
Even if they are too much for us swallow!

We will eat the pain
Make you feel good again

Your pain we will share
It's too much for one person to bear.

Our hearts will all beat the same
Aching with the pain of shame

They make us feel the pain of shame
Just because we are not all the same

Wednesday 4/2/2008 8:15pm

-Author Comment-

*Breaks free of the odd bond he had with the keyboard, his heart racing*
--Might be continued