5 years is a long time (but not as long as 6)

We're talking about the past and how we're growing old
How we're growing up and how time goes so fast
5 years is a long time, but not as long as 6
I can't believe after everything, we're still close like this

All the heartbreak, lies, and tears
All the time we spent together, through all these years
I've hurt you beyond my comprehension
Yet you've always kept me in your field of vision

I've always been blind to the way my actions affect you
I felt bad, I cried, but I still haven't a clue
You loved me so much but I always let you down
I'm still so sorry and I can't believe we're still best friends now

The past is behind us, the future just up ahead
We're still alive, despite all the times we've felt dead
We've begun reliving the past, in a sense
We're wondering where all the time went

You're my Gerard, my husbaland, my best friend
I was your first love, your first kiss, your first heartbreak
Deeper and deeper runs my regret
You always forgive but never forget

I keep thinking about what I did to you and god I'm so sorry
I don't deserve you, you probably think you don't deserve me
We both have our faults
We can both right our wrongs

Despite everything, our connection remains unbroken
A year or two of distance, of drifting, yet we found our way back again
When we're together, absolutely nothing has changed
It feels like middle school again

Oh god how I don't want to relive those days
It's just that you make up all the good parts, the good memories
We've changed, we're older, we're different, we're better
You're a lot of my past, you're part of my present, and I'm so glad you'll be in my future.