It's not a Flaw

[ i don't want a prince ] – i laid the table with
the instruments to pry open my skull and dig into
the thoughts there and string them up for everyone to see.

and they stared as my lips formed words
for empty ears because they don't want to listen to
[ the excuse i have for a confession ]
me when they could have a much more pleasant
conversation with [ friends family strangers ]

i itch under my ribs and pull my heart out to
show that it's shaped a little differently to everyone
else's [ it's not a flaw,
don't you dare tell me that ] –

and their eyes are wide with tears because
[ what did we do wrong? should we have raised you
differently? why are you doing this to us?

accusations sting my ears and i place my
beating heart on the table, waiting for them to
pick it apart with those instruments i laid out [ so neatly
for them ] but they stare
and ask explain, please, explain.

[ i'd much rather a princess with muddy jeans and a smile ]

and they understand with small breaths
of surprise [ but you're such a nice girl, you're
not like them
] and i leave my differently-shaped heart
on the table.