Paint To The Music

Every touch means something
Every soft touch or kiss
It's a way of saying I love you
As I brush my skin against yours

Do you know that I love you?
Can you return this warmth?
Will you let my swollen lips continue along your creamy skin?
Will you encourage me?

Even if it's just my finger tip brushing against your cheek
A dim glow will caress your face as I gently
Place my mouth over yours
I feel you melt against me

And as our lips fit against eachother so perfectly
Tongues entwining
My hands run down your sides
I can feel every secret curve of you

You are like a blank canvas set in front of me
My lips are the paint brush
Let me make you my masterpiece
My kisses are the strokes,

My tongue holds the paint
Your mouth holds the music
That shall be my inspiration
And I shall work until the music stops.
♠ ♠ ♠
This isn't about anyone. I have no significant other at the moment.