You've been missing in action since the moment I was born
You've never even looked at me,
And I'm sure that my eyes have never rested upon you

You are the one that will possess the diamond ring
Bought with the money from my own pocket
Yet, you remain hidden

You're not perfect, and quite imperfect to many
But to me, you will shine like the brightest star in the sky
And your lips, when and if they press against my own, will be like waking me up from a coma every time

I do not seek, but I will find
I do not force things upon, but I am persistant
With you I shall not be harsh, but soft

For you, I will do anything
I will make you smile, no matter the cost
I will bleed, to know that you are safe

So when?
When, will you come to me?
When, does anyone's other, go to them?

I don't know you yet,
But love, when we meet
I know there will be nothing else so sweet...