Thriving Addiction

Confusion swirls like
A ball of madness
And tears drip down
Like release of sadness

I dont know
What im doing here
And not showing
My feeling of fear

Ive let it go before
But its getting to hard
My will powers' sore
Still wishing i wasnt scarred

But my scars remind me
That im still alive
And that only i see
Them and thrive...for more

I dont care about the pain
I dont mind the scars
I love the blood
And hate the emptiness

Even if im alive
Breathing and okay
Im still sadly empty
More each day

I cant stay away
From this enticing thrill
Watching the blood drip
With each cut i will

Im sorry to all
And most to whom
I promised dearly not.
Please forgive me.
I cant stop..