When I roll over and look at the ceiling tonight, I will see my reflection in the cracks of the plaster.
I'll see the doubting girl who's merciful heart allows it to be tread upon time after time.
The girl who talks smack but lacks the tenacity to use the power she's been blessed with.
The girl who is vivacious and considered the life of the party with a will that can be strong as an ox, or weak as a fly.
I'll gaze at a girl who's loyalty is undying until she has been crossed.
A girl that is so incredibly cunning, she'll be that shoulder to cry on until she feels it's the perfect moment to strike.
My eyelids will flutter as sleep tries pull me under it's warm blanket, but I will continue to stare into that mirror of her soul.
I'll stare at a girl who is severely underestimated but prefers it that way so no one expects her to triumph.
A girl whose heart beats out of tune yet sings with mirth of the ones who have no idea what's to come.
A girl with artistic creativity that sets off envy in the being of many.
I will dissect every aspect of her.
This girl that feeds my sight is one that rejoices whens times are hard because she knows God will bring her through.
This girl that struggles with her identity, trying to figure out who she is and who she will be.
I will grow tired.
But before I shut my eyes for the night, I will know that this girl is me.