Perfectly Absolutely Fine

When I turn my head I feel the soreness in my neck and
It makes me smile, but it makes me miss you more and
I miss your teeth sinking into me, I miss your lips sinking into mine
I miss the way you feel my skin and the way your hand runs down my spine
We parted hours ago but the ghost of your hands still lingered
I was and am alone but did not feel alone, just the heaviness of your presence your arms your fingers
Now I only feel the heaviness in my eyelids, dead tired but wide awake, sitting here missing you with my heart and a pen
I know I was just with you and I've said it a million times before but the time can't come fast enough until I can see you again
I didn't cry this time, it was clear that everything is still perfectly absolutely fine
I could tell by the way our legs and our fingers and our veins intertwined