Ode for Mother

Mother, mother, motherly…
Sweet baby soother
You need to be soothed,
silenced and stilled.
Stop your pecking and fluffing
Please, keep your licked fingers to yourself!

I’m singing this lullaby.

I encompass you in my arms
Feels strange.
This is the being that has made me,
is this my end?
The weathered skin, huggable curves,
stretch marks and grey hair?
I squint, and realise that you are beautiful.

Yummy mummy! What a specimen…
Where did you come from
The Mothership of course.
You are the mother of all
Problems. Mother of madness
Yes, you make me mad
You’re fierce. Uncontrollable!
Back away,
Mother has transformed;
her lips peel back, nostrils flare,
she’s ready to strike…

And she will win.
Touch her young, and Mother
is invincible.
It’s Mother law.

Mother is floating now.
She’s at peace; suitcase packed,
she’s ready to go
where all Mother’s go.
To Mother Earth, the mother of all mothers.
An honour reserved for the best.
My heart swells with pride.
I have known you Mother,
And now the world shall know you.
Your smiles are woven into the clouds
Your tears shifted into the rain.
Mother particles, Mother dust;

You’re everywhere.