Koizora (Sky Of Love)

How many silent years gone by
Of gazing at the infinite sky
Seeing you smile, in light of eve
Left in me, a distant memory

How many times have I tried
To make a forlorn tear hide
Thinking of you, a caressing ray
Softly kissing my pain away

Heavenly days, in yearn of our love
Ever changing with the sky above
Azure blues, your joy everywhere
Grayish hues, I sense your despair

Bowing low, braving the cold
Seeking your tender heart to hold
Lonely nights, dreaming of you
A glistening star flying through

Left to wane, a broken heart
The sky your smile, a delicate art
No more tears, just hopes every day
For you've driven all sadness away
♠ ♠ ♠
This poem is about the Japanese movie 'Koizora (Sky Of Love)'. Just a poem to show my appreciation, it's my favourite movie.