Left Alone.

Left alone never wanting to go home.
What was the point of knowing you if you didn't even want to know me?.
Do you care if I died?.
Would you save me?.
Would you drawn me?.
Do you hate me?.
Why do you destroy me?.
You never answered any, never wanting to decided if you'd want to...
If I die you die too is what you used to say, what ever happened to saying the truth?.
I lay on my grave and pray I will never really die like you want me too.
I always thought I'd be happy in the dark but it only drags me down to the wrong road.
Never really wanting to take the right one, always following you, it's a curse, it was never meant to be.
Why can't I leave you?.
Why can't you leave me?.
Is this meant to be?.
Am I always going to be the one alone?.
Will I ever get away from the darkness?.
Compeny is meant to keep me sane, invincibility is meant to be my name, but only my eyes tell the truth that I'm afraid, longing to be the same, longing to be sane not insane.
Always in the end I'm left alone never wanting to go home.