11:57 pm on a saturday night

I'm pretty stoned, and I'm listening to wilco
I had my first burger today and it was great
My lips are numb
Please come back
I let the worst part of my brain get the best of me
Please don't leave
I am trying to break your heart
You told me you hated wilco
It's okay.
I still love you.
My throat is dry and raspy but I'd like another cigarette
Another cigarette and another moment with you
It takes you fifteen or twenty minutes to get back home
Please don't go
I like the way you look when you wear flannel shirts
My hands smell like burger grease
All my other boyfriends tried to get me to eat meat
I was a vegetarian before we got together
What is it about you that made me change?
I had that note tucked in my sleeve for an hour and a half
I wanted you to tell me how fucking cute I was
I tried to think of all the ways to tell you you were my puzzle piece
The one big part of me that i didn't know i was missing
I hate this font i'm using
My eyes are tired
I want to live with you in an apartment, with a kitten and a kitchen table
I want to crawl into bed with you every night
Please stop leaving
I only like two songs by wilco