Love poems

I keep writing love poems,
and none of them -
not one -
seem to properly do justice to how I feel.
And if i could sit there and ramble on
with the flawless rhetoric of
an accomplished author or
respected wordsmith
and explain to you
(as precisely and accurately as I could),
the way I feel about you,
the way I think of you,
the feeling i get when you look at me,
I would do just that.
(and I wouldn't stop for hours).
But I'm not exactly accomplished,
nor am I really respected.
And I can ramble, sure
(you know that better than anyone),
but smoothly and accurately?
- highly debatable.
I guess I have two options,
Option a) and option b).
I could continue writing these love poems,
and reworking them until they sounded
"right" or "correct"
(option a)
(option b)
I could keep my mouth from saying things
and rambling on with the influence
the intellectual equivalent
of a small child who can't seem to get their thoughts out
as quickly as their brain moves,
and instead, kiss you for the countless hours
I would spend telling you all the different ways that I love you
and show you that I adore you
with actions, instead of words.
Where I lack in rhetoric, I can make up for with small actions.

I could write a love poem or ten and cite you as the sole inspiration
in an attempt to properly convey
the unexplainable things you make me feel.
Or I could kiss you every single day
from the moment I see you until the moment you leave
and do all the work that words couldn't do if they tried their hardest
by not saying anything at all.

Option b is easier, option a requires more effort.
But I would do one or the other, or both
because I love you so much that showing it in one way
just isn't enough for me.