She looks in the mirror
Disgusted with the image
Scars littered her body
Inside and out

Smack after Smack
Every hit told her no one could love her
Every name he screamed told her it was impossible
That she was incapable of it

Dishes screamed as they hit the wall
Thrown by the man who broke his vow
The shattered peices lay on the floor
Like her heart

Chains drug her down
Covering her body, holding her to the only thing she had left
A battered life

Her body screamed for help
But no sound passed her lips except for a broken cry

After everything that's happened she felt few emotions
Anything but happy.
♠ ♠ ♠
So, I did this for an English assignment. And I honestly don't know if anyone will like it. I'm really shy about my writing. But, I decided to grow a pair and do this. -__-