Can't Erase A Broken Heart.


You've collected my heart.
Like a moth trapped in the light.
Blinded by the dishonesty you propose.
And the senseless mind games you deliver.
Your evil intentions lie under your exterior.
Your fake smile, and fraudulent persona.
Playing the innocent act until you had your grasp.
The fateful clutch on my heart, and emotions.
Feeling like a mindless puppet.
Hooked on to your controlling strings.
Like an addict, out of their mind.
Suffering from the days without their high.
Like a person trapped in the storm.
Without a shelter to be safe in.
You make me feel helplessly alone.
Lost in an alternate universe.
Realizing that I'm only an option.
I'll never be the "choice" to you.
I wish I could eliminate my thoughts.
Erase my emotional ties to your existence.
Forget the impact you ever had over me.
Diminish those memories of our time together.
Delete the thoughts of your touch and hugs.
Destroy the remembrance of your lips and how you kiss.
But there is no way to lose those moments.
Without destroying myself in the process.
And taking the ultimate sacrifice.
Of giving up this gift some call "Life".
So I'll struggle through the memories.
And pretend I don't care,
No matter how much I'm truly breaking.
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this poem after being extremely frustrated & emotionally wrecked from a situation that happened with a guy that I truly admired & cared for so much, only to end up finding out the truth of how everything was. I hope other girls can relate to this.