Sleep Tight

You say "Calm down."
"Try not to stress."
"Don't let that knot
Form in your chest."
"Take a deep breath."
"It'll all be fine."
"Close your eyes."
"Try to clear your mind."
I've heard it all.
But they're just words.
I fake a smile,
And it still hurts.
I know they want
To phase me out.
And make me want
To scream and shout.
And now I know
That I can't cope.
When people treat me
Like such a joke.
They laugh, and smile
And have their fun.
They don't realize
They haven't won.
I'm tired of all
Their jealous looks
Everyone knows
That they're just crooks.
They steal my smile.
Those evil snakes.
But now I know
Their venom's fake.
Just wait until
We cross paths once more.
I promise you
That blood will pour.
They'll beg "Calm down."
"Try not to stress."
I'll smile and say
"Sleep tight, my Pest."