Second Best

She always laughs at all the wrong times,
She never does what you think she will,
She likes to be at the back of the line,
You know she's never dressed to kill.

She's not perfect,
But she's worth it.

She likes to drink Jack Daniels out of a bottle,
She never felt the need to look like a model,
She's so nerdy,
That's why no one calls her pretty.

But she's brave,
yeah she is bold,
She's a slave to your heart she'll hold,
but she'll never let you go.

She likes to smoke you up,
and she will toke until you leave,
that's bad luck,
and I know it's hard to believe.
After that she knows she's in control.

She always thinks of all the things she should've said,
She's used to always being second best,
but it doesn't matter,
because she knows that she can do better.
♠ ♠ ♠
Unfinished, as most of my songs are. At least this one has a title!