An Abyss Can Stare Back

Nothing better to do
so blank so disdained
I can feel that space can stare back
I can hear an abyss whispering
So odd, so weird
I am a difficult person to know
I am a ghost to some
To others I’m just random
So stressed from this life I live
I can feel my soul lift
My heartbeat
Faint, slow, and never ending
Like a gazing abyss
Like a shouting emptiness
Am I angry at the world?
Am I confused about life?
I don’t know what to think anymore
I’ll just stare into space
I’ll just whisper to the abyss
And hope
And wish
It glances at me
It mutters to me
Yet I understand
The dark, cold
And unacquainted
To me
Is my closest friend?
This being is yours too
Hard to understand
Hard to listen
Hard to care
How can infinity be so
I stare at you
I speak to you
I understand you
Give me
Of what I deserve
An answer
To the oldest being
Witness to
The fall of nations
The decline of civilizations
The birth of tyrants
The death of the innocence
Tell me
What this world means?
What am I here for?