Through Ice & Snow

Hello sweet girl
allow me to let my feelings unfurl
and describe a journey
for which you can tell
how much I feel inside
do understand that emotions come and go
but in you do my feelings confide
in which my heart has taken
a place for you
do listen to this poem
for i made it for you
can I ask you matters of the heart?
for only someone like you
can hold a persons heart
two hearts looking for another to hold
I breathless in the deep bitter sorrow
do find something beautiful in the cold
a beautiful jewel
standing before me
leaving me speechless like a fool
may I ask you to hold mine
because only your hands
may warm this heart of mine
although mine is cold
shattered like broken glass
hope to find one to hold
frail and weak from a long journey
i ask the angel before me
to guide me in where i need to go
Do tell me my friend
where must i go?