"The Rainy Day Blues"

You wait and wait and wait
Then it hits you. Not too late.
You’re in a dimly lighted room.
Outside the lightning goes boom
The rain
Pitter-patters on your window pane.
Playing piano music; a rainy prelude.
Perfectly preformed. It’s the perfect mood.
You bring out your easel, dusty old thing.
You pull out your paints and palette, fits just like a ring.
Your hand floats about, above the canvas. Creating.
A mistake has been made! Your hopes begin deflating.
You remember, ‘learn to incorporate your mistakes’.
Then you resume fabricating your masterpiece, it’s no fake.
A Saturday afternoon, never been spent so well.
Sad but joyous. Will anyone be able to tell?
The name ought to give someone a clue
Of the mood while you were painting “The Rainy Day Blues”.