Silent Song

A silent song
Sung by a silent girl
Pouring her heart out into the
Pouring rain
It washes away her troubles
Because no one seems to care
So she does not care either
Singing a silent song
She knew the words all along

A silent song
Sung by a broken-hearted girl
Gripping onto,
Holding onto
What she does not have, can’t have
What she does not need
So she lets go
Singing a silent song
She won’t say the words to that song

A silent song
Sung by a tired out soul
She’s running and running
Across an endless desert
The ground shakes and growls
Crumbling beneath her feet
Engulfing her in a sea of sand and time
Choking her
Choking her in her pit of lies
She falls
For what seems to be forever
Into an aquamarine sea
Underground haven
Crystalline and paralyzed
In front of her
Dirty face
All is quiet in the world tonight
A refuge love
Love she ain’t got
It’s all gone
She’s running
And running
And running
She falls
And again
Time after
Hurtful, painful
Under her puffing and huffing breath
Her torn
Beat up
Thrown around
Stepped on
Chewed up
Soul sings a silent song
And all along
Crying inside
Since no one would listen
To her silent song
♠ ♠ ♠
Anything I write that I deem old is over a year in age, basically.