Goodbye My Troubles

World, to thee,
I must bid you goodbye
I am moving to a fantasy.

Hate, to you,
I will wave my hand
Because we are through.

Prejudice, my friend,
I am afraid to tell,
You that this is the end.

Scars, I must say,
Soon you should heal,
Because I’ve forgotten yesterday.

Loneliness, why I do tell,
You have kept me here
So I will crack out of my shell.

Midnight tears,
You have plagued me enough
All of these years.

Sorrow, my dear,
I would like to forget you
And your constant whispers in my ear.

You are far too unbearable for me
I shall free myself from the grasp of your harness.

Agony and torture, oh what a pest,
What I have endured from you
When I always give my best!

All these silly feelings,
Oh how foolish and juvenile you are!
Like an arrow
Straight and narrow,
I’ll shoot you from my heart.
And tape your horrid baggage to you
So we’ll always and forever be apart.
♠ ♠ ♠
Honestly I don't even know why my friends liked this, but here's another old poem.