She Swore

Empty hearted
Empty handed
Broken hearted
Not sound of mind
Peace never rests within her
Pain has begun its reign
She swore she was going crazy
She swore he hated her
Eyes full of deceit
A traitor of a heart
“¿Por que?” ella se pregunta.
¿Por que?
She has been drained from her emotions
She is only familiar with pain now
He stole her heart
And left her with nothing
Alone and shivering in the cold
Blackest of the nights
Alone and shivering with her shattered sword
She swore she’d get it back
She swore she’s stop loving him
She would fight
That’s all she could do
That’s all she knew
She was an actress
She hid behind her lies
She was Robin Hood
She was the sour that poisoned the ending
She swore
Oh yes, she swore
She swore she’d feel once again
She swore as she raised her sword to the blackness
Lighted by the dimly smirking stars watching her
And yelled
“Te juro que un dia voy a ser poderosa!”
“Te juro…”
She fell with a thundering clasp
Laid there as her blood ran cold
She swore no one would find her
♠ ♠ ♠
I have nothing to say in regards to this. I honestly don't even remember how long it's been since I last read this. It's really old.