Slipping Away

Something is slipping away.
What is slipping away?
It’s so dark in here.
Looking forward,
I can’t see the end.
Turning around,
I can’t see the beginning.

Something is slipping away,
Right through my fingers.
It was just there,
Gripping tight to my hand.
Where did it go?
Oh no!
A light is up ahead.
A loud noise is burning my ears.
What’s coming my way?

Something is slipping away.
Where am I?
My fingers,
They grasp onto something solid.
I look down,
And see the ocean.
I look up,
And see a shadow.
The sun is so bright,
It’s blocking my view.
My fingers are slipping,
I can’t hold on.

I’m slipping away.
♠ ♠ ♠
This is something I wrote a while back and have decided to re-post it on here.