Your secrets are safe with me, my love,
Let the forsaken words fall from your lips like hot desire,
And onto me they shall fall,
For I'll keep them safe from the world and hold them in like I hold in my deepest heartaches.
Pull the words from your soul and give me all that I can have,
Never will they reach another person's mind for my lips will be closed and these words are for my ears to hear,
And my ears only.
Reach into your heart and grasp the will to tell,
Let me know all the power that you possess,
In these few words that you've been holding in,
They can make a difference in lives,
And the difference they can make,
Will never be known to others,
They'll make a difference to you and me,
For your secrets are safe with me, my love.
♠ ♠ ♠
A personal poem.