Sickly Love

“You make my heart bleed and my pulse race
You kill me with every breath that I take.
Your eyes they pierce my soul
and leave me in a cloud of darkness with a false hope of being saved
and yet I still hope for you my savior.
You put me on thin ice and lock me into your image
blinding me of the ledge I am surely to fall off of.
You are the reason I am still alive
and yet you are killing me.
You’re the siren ringing in my ears the song of the afterlife
knowing well enough that Hades awaits to drown me in its flames.
I love you too much.
So much that I would sacrifice my very being for you.
Temptress, fatale woman,
who intertwines the veins of our love with the black pitted compass to lead us south,
under the black sea where beasts await to kill me.
You know of these things,
the things you do and you wish not to spare me.
To spare me of the hurt you thrust upon me,
and I gladly allow you to do so.
I will perish for our love.
For the very thought of losing you,
sickens me,
runs my skin pale
and yet I am already sick with the love I feel for you.
I cannot leave you but this misery is unbearable
So here I stand in love with you
bearing my true nature for the hope that you will love me in return.
That you will see that I am in all truthfulness in love with you.
Sweet dove, cast your wings around me
and engulf me into your ore.
I need you.
I want you.
Rescue me, angel of my past, my present, and my future.
Love me until, I can no longer see you, touch you, hear you,
until all my senses drift into the abyss that awaits when you finally stop this loving man’s heart.
Hear me, for I am true.
If nothing else, I am true.
Sweet guardian angel, love me.”
♠ ♠ ♠
Disclaimer: I don't know how to write poetry. This kind of just fell out of my brain and now it's here and I want opinions so that I can review it for further contructive criticism would be awesome! Thanks and I do hope you enjoy it.