I dream a world of something better
I'm on search for what seems like forever
Beyond the horizon I wish to go
But self doubt has trapped me, will I ever know?

What's out there undiscovered, just waiting for me
Break the chains off my feet, rescue me
Wrap up in freedom's glory
I've been writing all this time, but where's my story?

How does one stay to true to their self if they're afraid
I've always been alone in this confusing brigade
Pretending I'm fine on my own, but I am weak
I fumble over words, too afraid to speak

Is there anyone out there wanting me?
Fight for me, give their life for me
Do I even know the meaning of a friend?
It's easy to forget, but it's easier to pretend

Am I not worthy of a helping hand
When I'm knocked down frequently, how do I stand?

I try to keep carrying on
But when it all goes, I have nothing to fall on
This confusion, this never ending test
Why am I being graded, why am I in this mess?

Do you have a purpose, are you intentions good?
Forgive me for questioning, but your actions are misunderstood
I wonder if you're really there, will you ever show?
But you're always incognito, not sure if I'll ever know...