Can you sense me here?

I sceam your name.
Hoping it will make you mine.
Are you deaf?

I cry when he kisses you,
Hoping you will see that its killing me.
Are you blind?

I run from you when you are with him.
Hoping you wall follow.
Can't you walk?

I hold you tightly when we hug.
Hoping to make you feel as I do.
Can you not feel?

I sit in my room screaming
I cannot hear my cries
I close my eyes as i bring the metal to my skin
I cannot see my final sin
I drag the sharp razor across my wrist
I cannt feel any pain
I press my hand onto my cut, my fngers make it sting.
Still i feel nothing

I think to myself that i need you, to hold you one more time

I scream and cry in confusion
You dont hear a thing
Blood runs down my arm
You dont see a thing
I go to you to say goodbye, you never answer
couldnt move to open the door
I pull it open and reach out to hold you one last time
We couldnt feel a thing