The Soul Reaper

Beware his eyes, evil eyes!
As He comes to claim his prize 
Drawing slowly ever slowly
To the bed in which you lie

Hark the cry, awful cry
As the curtain's pulled aside
And his shadowed form is nearing
Nearing closer to your side

Still, you lie, and you try
To pretend he's not nearby
But the evidence is growing
As his footsteps are now slowing
And your nervousness is showing
And your heart begins to fly

He draws by, closely by
Hear him breathe a heavy sigh
As he watches you so closely
Glistening malice in his eyes

You won't cry, you won't cry
Nothing's near, you'll be alright
But deep inside your mind you're shaking 
Trembling, quivering, and quaking
Rapid breaths you now are taking
As you're overcome with fright

He's not dead, nor alive
A phantasm in the night
Lurking, waiting in the corner
Shining steel held by his side

Still you open not your eyes
You await your close demise 
Fearing any sudden movement
Would betray your weak disguise

Still he lingers by your side
A silent shadow in the night
Always watching, waiting, staying
A demon dead with flesh decaying
While you lie there scared and praying 
There in his unhallowed sight

Will you die? Will you die?
Panic spreading deep inside
You can hear his silent laughter
He prepares himself to strike

He steps by, closer by
No more time to say goodbye
In his hand the blade is rising
Just before it leaves its bite

All goes blank, all goes white
As he drains your mortal life
He steps back and leaves you lying
Pale and bloody, cold and dying
Standing watching as you're crying
Cold eyes staring as you die

There's no pity in his eyes
Underneath his cloak, his eyes
He is Death, he is the reaper
Stalking every heavy sleeper
The notorious Grim Reaper
He is waiting by your side  
♠ ♠ ♠
So, this is highly influenced by Edgar Allen Poe (the motherfucking best poet ever), being pretty dark and whatnot.
Comments are highly appreciated :3