Silly Circumstances

It’s terribly cold today.
The glances are dampening her weary eyes.
She blinks to redeem herself
But her troublesome actions leak anyway.

Being confused would be putting it lightly.
She doesn’t have a clue in the world.
Maybe dropping out early wasn’t so bright.
There were no great expectations.

No one looks up when she whimpers.
It was an accident nonetheless.
Her shame still covers her face.
Perhaps nothing really matters anymore.

Her faith has been lost completely.
Oh Lord, what faith?
Something can’t possibly be lost
When it wasn’t there in the beginning.

Each day brings more and more advice.
None is taken too seriously.
Every mistake just seems too natural.
How does one break such ferocious habits?

She shakes and shakes
Then wastes more money on coffee.
Maybe tomorrow she’ll cut back
And maybe her prayers will be answered.