There Ain't No God For Dogs

The sky is a monochromatic shade of blue,
While the clouds are painted pale by gray.
It's funny to be thinking of you,
On such a gloomy day.

The lawn is dying,
While rays of sunshine burn my skin.
The wind is fervently sighing,
Begging to be let in.

No one cared to admonish,
Or advise me on death.
My childhood was demolished,
As you took your last breath.

You were my sentinel,
When I wasn't yours to guard.
I want to scream and yell,
Because accepting the truth is hard.

Your ghost left an indentation in my head,
And the muddy rain of smell lingers.
I should be the one dead,
I should've never let you slip through my fingers.

I am told to be happy,
Yet I find no rapture in your loss.
I look down sadly,
At the road I dare not cross.

I don't care for compassion,
I just want you back.
Along with my soul and passion,
That's not too much to ask.

I anchor my rancor,
In the waters of my red abyss.
And though all I have is anger,
You will surely be missed.