I Just Want You

You're not really special, yet I treat you like a prize
When we don't speak, a piece of me dies
You've invaded my thoughts, you're always in my mind
Don't know how it happened, but now I'm stuck
Yet I have to wonder, do you even give a _____?

You get my hopes up, then you bring me down
My smiles fade, you make me frown
How it hurts to make you see
I really just want you with me

I beg and plead to the power above
I imagine what it's like, to feel your love
But deep down you're oblivious and immature
Yet somehow my admiration for you is just so pure

You make me want to do bad things, oh my
Your attitudes just makes me feel so damn high
I should go right, but I want to go wrong
Damn you boy, you're just too strong

When the high is over, I feel empty and lonely
With every tear shed, I'd wish you console me
Do you even want me? Do you even care?
Can you imagine how this is completely unfair?

I'm begging you to give me that chance
And yes, I want your bad romance

You're amazing, even when you act like a dick

Would you just wake up already and see
I really just want you here with me.